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Mootorrattarehv Dunlop KR108 NTEC 7827 (soft) Slick



N-Tec construction (New Technology) is Dunlop’s very best construction road racing tire. The KR108 rear tire features a nylon carcass overlaid with two nylon breaker belts and a continuously wound, aramid-fiber tread belt for cooler-running, excellent straight-line stability and virtually no circumferential tire growth. Dunlop’s N-Tec steel bead and its high-modulus bead apex combine to offer improved feel for the rider as the tire nears its cornering limit, producing the “predictability” that has become a signature characteristic of Dunlop road racing tires.
The multi-compound KR108 rear tread is an ingenious design that results in the first production racing tire to utilize seven tread zones: a high-modulus traction compound in the center and two lateral grip sections on each side, both separated by a triangular support region—all extruded as a one-piece unit. Sharing the spotlight with the KR108 rear is the KR106 front tire. Dunlop’s multi-compound front utilizes radial construction and features two nylon carcass plies and two aramid cut-breaker carcass belts. A thin, high-modulus carcass compound is layered under these belts to minimize and distribute the forces transmitted from the aramid belts to the carcass plies under hard braking. The KR106 front tire also combines Dunlop’s N-Tec steel bead and unique bead apex design to further stabilize handling at full lean.
Availablity: 13 laos

227.44 197.44 sis. KM

13 laos