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alpinestars tech 6 black 38

The Stella off-road boots are designed for technical, high-performance motocross/off-road riding for experienced women riders. A single boot weighs 3.9 pounds, and although the boot is somewhat difficult to get in and out of, once on the foot, the inside proved to be soft and comfortable, and the lower boot height and smaller calf circumference made for a better fit.

Extra ankle padding provides superior protection for women’s ankles, while the shin plate and wide calf protector make for optimal impact resistance. The inside protector offers some elasticity for back and forth flexibility, but the overall stiffness may restrict movement, making shifting and braking a bit tricky.

The outer boot is adorned with thick suede for better control and grip against the bike, while also providing adequate protection against heat. The break-in period may take time, but keep in mind that the Stella Tech 6 boots were made for use in rougher terrain and not for the average “Sunday” ride.

294.73 199.95 sis. KM