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Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support (BNS) is a structure designed to work with a helmet to reduce the risk and severity of a catastrophic neck injury (i.e. paralyzing injury). The BNS SB model composition is a blend of strengthened polyurethane with variable density EVA foam padding for superior riding comfort. Functional design, engineering excellence The Bionic Neck Support functions by providing an alternative load path for the energy that compresses the neck. If the helmet is in contact with the BNS at the moment of impact the overall load passing through the neck can be reduced, which may prevent a fracture from occurring. The BNS reduces the chance of muscular injuries from extreme head movement. While it is not possible to eliminate the risk of any form of injury, the BNS is designed to help prevent the most serious damage and minimize the risk of collateral injury as the impact load is channeled away from the neck. When compared to soft neck roll devices, the protection afforded is significantly better since soft devices deform on impact, offering no protection against the damaging compressive forces. As with any riding equipment, fit is critical to ensuring the most effective protection possible and riders should choose the equipment that is best suited to their body. No neck device should roll around over the shoulders. Key Features Frame constructed from reinforced PU composite material, extensively impact tested at varying temperatures to ensure the neck ring stays intact. Two different EVA foam densities are used in the BNS SB: Firmer EVA in the shoulders and softer EVA on the chest/back for comfort. Pivot Key system – A special magnesium key located at the rear allows convenient front opening of the device and allows for dismantling in an emergency. Fitting System – Fine adjustment of the shoulder height allows a personalized fit particularly for individuals with shorter necks. Rear Stabilizer system – In the event of large loads being channeled on to the rear stabilizer (the part that sits on the back) there are several bending and fracture points designed to relieve extreme loads that may be transmitted down the back. Collar Bone preservation 1 – All parts in contact with the body use an expanded foam compound to distribute the impact force over the widest area, yet remain lightweight. Collar Bone preservation 2 – A frame member runs over the shoulders, eliminating weak points in a critical part of the frame and no metal pins or screws sit directly above the shoulders which could dislodge, causing injury during an accident. Choice of Strap Systems – The BNS is supplied with the X-Strap System which allows a small, light strap worn over or under the jersey to secure the device to the rider. The larger A-Strap assembly (available as a separate accessory) provides a traditional chest strap for those who like to wear the protector tight against the body. Mounting points � Allow for integration of the BNS with other Alpinestars accessories. Note: While no product can guarantee protection from all motorcycle injuries due to the varied dynamics of accidents, the BNS is designed to substantially reduce the likelihood of a career ending neck injury. The BNS, as with other neck support systems, may not prevent injuries in all cases

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